Our Kebab spike... before and after!

Simple. Easy. Healthy. Delicious

Just mariande your chosen meat in your favourite flavour (we have gone for chicken tikka here), stack it high on your spike and whack it in the oven until it reaches a safe internal temperature. Team it up with your favourite salad, sides and some homemade flatbreads. Dig in and have a great time!

About us

We're Luke and Bryan and we own The Kebab Spike Co. - a small, family run business from the glorious city of Manchester.



Our kebab spike came within a couple of days of ordering so we tried the chicken tikka recipe with all the suggested sauces and flatbreads that night. Really easy and simple to follow and everything tasted mega.


Awesome Job!!

Honestly my favourite one guys!! What a product! All my family have one and love them! So cheap to make and I spent £20 on ingrenients and fed 10 people!!


Love it!

Honestly, its one of the best things I've purchased for cooking!